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Marisol Oceanfront Site

5 Market Drivers That Set The Marisol Oceanfront Site Apart


The Marisol oceanfront site is an extraordinary opportunity for a developer to acquire 12+ acres of oceanfront land in an under-served market that has extensive, pent-up demand for a new luxury condominium community.  Five reasons we believe the Marisol Site is poised for success are summarized below.

1.  Only 20+ Condo Units Developed in the Market Since 1996

Marisol will be the newest, highest quality condominium community on Hutchinson Island South.  It will be more than 20 years newer than the most competitive property.

2.  Captive Buyer Audience

There are hundreds of existing condo owners on Hutchinson Island South living in 1970’s and 1980’s vintage units. Those who love the location and want to upgrade have essentially been trapped for two decades due to the lack of new units. Many of these existing residents would prefer to buy a new unit rather than renovate in a 20- to 30- year old building. Marisol offers the ideal solution for this “captive” audience.

3.  Superior Lifestyle Experience

Marisol’s three- and four-story design will be unique on an island consisting primarily of dense, high-rise condominiums. Marisol residents will be just steps from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River, covered parking will be available immediately beneath their units and Marisol’s low project density will offer an exclusive lifestyle experience that is unmatched on Hutchinson Island South.  The Marisol site has 1,500 feet of direct ocean frontage.

4.  Indian River Frontage and (Possible) Dockage Potential

The Marisol offering includes approximately 1,500 feet of direct frontage along the Indian River offering extraordinary River views to all Marisol units. The property includes approximately one upland acre and 20+ submerged acres along the River which appear to be suitable for development of boat docks (subject to government approvals).

5.  Oceanfront Site with Development Approvals  In Place

The process of obtaining entitlements for an oceanfront site, particularly on Hutchinson Island, is complex and very time consuming. The Marisol property is site plan approved and construction plans are partially complete enabling a buyer/developer to commence marketing immediately, ensuring project sellout in the current economic cycle.

Marisol Oceanfront Site Plan

Marisol Oceanfront Site Plan | Hutchinson Island South, Florida | CapasGroup Realty Advisors

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