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Announcing the CapasGroup Data Library

CapasGroup Data Library

In our continuing effort to provide our clients and friends with relevant market intelligence, interesting real estate content and superior professional service, we are proud to announce the CapasGroup Data Library.

What Is The CapasGroup Data Library?

The CapasGroup Data Library is a compilation of sales transaction summaries, market reports and articles published by CapasGroup Realty Advisors.  The Data Library is accessible to subscribers online.

What Does It Cost to Subscribe?

There is no cost.  The CapasGroup Data Library is offered as a professional courtesy to our clients and friends.  All we ask in return is that you keep CapasGroup in mind when you or someone you know needs sophisticated, highly creative marketing and brokerage service for their investment real estate.

So Why Are You Giving Away Free Stuff?

We’re growing our business and we want you to be part of that process. If you already know us, we want to get to know you better.  If you don’t know us yet, sharing our Data Library is a great way to demonstrate our Clients First Always approach to everything we do.

Cool! How Do I Sign Up?

You can subscribe here or use the link below.

What Happens When I Subscribe?

We will email you a link to Data Library which you can use any time.  Be sure to save the email or bookmark the link for future reference.

In addition, you will receive about one to two content-rich emails from us each month, including:

  • The CapasGroup Commercial Real Estate Insights newsletter;
  • Periodic articles and market reports published by CapasGroup (click here for a sample);
  • Notifications when we update the Data Library with fresh Market Data

We have received great feedback on the articles and market reports CapasGroup has published to date.  We

we hope you find our content interesting and useful as well.

Click Here to Subscribe to the Data Library

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